Back-up pads and accessories

M14 velcro back-up pads

Available in Velcro Grip version (made in poliammide for a better high temperature resistance) and SB Velcro for Surface Conditioning and Scotch Brite discs.

Colour line velcro back-up pad

New back-up pad in rubber with microvelcro and 75 suction holes. Usable with both velcro and PSA discs. This pad is supplied with 5 adaptors to allow the connection on all random orbital sanders

Universal back-up pad

Velcro hand block

PSA velcro discs and sheets

Soft interfaces for velcro discs and sheets

Used on orbital and random orbital sanders they allows to follow contoured and uneven surfaces without modifying their geometry.

Velcro grip back-up pad saver

It prevents the back-up pad from wearing during abrasive discs use.